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Kara Forster

Role at NourishUp:
Functional Medicine Coach

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About / Bio:

Having grown up with what she calls a “witch doctor” momma, Kara’s approach to wellness is deeply rooted in the beliefs that food and nature are medicine, and that we must be our own best advocates when it comes to our health.  As a career educator and corporate change facilitator she knows that having access to all the right information doesn’t guarantee the ability to make meaningful, sustainable change and nowhere is this more evident than in how we care for ourselves.

Kara left the corporate world behind more than 10 years ago to return to her wellness roots and pursue a passion for helping others live more life and health on their own terms.  As a CrossFit® coach and personal trainer, she teaches her clients how to fuel, move and recover their bodies well.  As a Functional Medicine Lifestyle Coach, she partners to help folks learn to tackle their own solutions to food, mood, energy and digestive issues at the root by targeting the unique whole food (nutrition and supplementation) and soul food (lifestyle and mindset habits) they need to thrive.

“My greatest learning to date is that there is power in the pause when it comes to getting well.  If we just slow down and take the time to tease through our own health journey, explore our beliefs and values, and identify what triggers us to feel “unwell” within the complex environments we do life each day, we often rediscover the strengths we already possess to heal for real.”